Top 4 Things To Check Before Purchasing A Ready-made Villa

Ready-made Villa

Top 4 Things To Check Before Purchasing A Ready-made Villa

Purchasing a luxurious villa can mark a significant milestone in a homebuyer’s lifetime. It is a long-term investment, brimming with emotions, aspirations, and substantial financial commitment. While India, especially the booming metropolitan cities like Kolkata, is sprinkled with a plethora of ready-made villa options, not every property is suitable for you. 

Therefore, you’ve got to be diligent here. Because you’re not just purchasing a house, you’re setting the tone for your future lifestyle.

Your Go-to Checklist When Purchasing A Ready-made Villa

If you want to make a lucrative property purchase, here are 4 things you must check before closing the deal.

1. Evaluate the Quality of Construction

You must carefully inspect the quality of the villa. Look closely for the quality of construction materials used, the strength of the foundation, the seismic resistance, and the finishing of the villa.

Moreover, give special attention to the electrical and plumbing installations. Opt for professional help if you’re inexperienced or feel unsure. These elements not only contribute to the durability of the villa but are also directly related to your safety as a resident.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for aesthetics. Check whether there are dents in the walls, cracks in the flooring or any loose tiles, the quality of window panes, and rooftop, and the presence of any leakage issues, moulds, or pest infestation.

2. Learn About the Developer

The real estate market is bustling with numerous developers, each boasting stunning villa projects. However, not all builders are equally reliable. Thus, you must research extensively about the builder’s reputation before investing your hard earned money,

We would highly recommend visiting their previously completed projects, talking to existing customers, and checking for any negative publicity or past bankruptcy issues. A developer’s past performance is the best indicator of their future endeavours.

Also check their legacy in terms of quality, delivery, and transparency in dealings. Availing services from experienced, trusted, and certified developers like that of 24 East Avenue will help you build a solid foundation for your investment. 

3. Verify the Legal Standing of the Property

Ensure the villa you are eyeing for is legally sound. Verifying property documents can be complex, however, you cannot afford to skip the step. Start by verifying the title deed of the property. It’ll help you ensure the seller rightfully owns it and has the authority to sell it.

It is also important to check whether the construction is in accordance with the zonal regulations. You don’t want to end up with a property in an area reserved for industrial development, is ecologically conserved, or has any dues or disputes.

4. Check the Locale and Connectivity

No matter how posh your villa is or how premium the premises are, the investment makes little sense if you’ve to navigate through the draconian traffic and bad roads to get there! So, consider the property’s location and its connectivity to major city landmarks. It should be well connected to your workplace, schools, hospitals, airports, and other important facilities.

Also, consider your villa’s proximity to recreational amenities, shopping precincts, and eateries. The locality’s vibe, cleanliness, safety, and future growth prospects play a significant role too. After all, a villa is not just about staying indoors, but also enjoying the surrounding environment and culture.

Newtown, for instance, connects very well with all the major highlights and hubs of the city, whether those are hospitals, schools, MNCs, or entertainment centres!

Final Word 

Purchasing a ready-made villa is one of the most significant investment decisions you’ll ever make. You must, therefore, dedicate enough time, effort, and attention to gauge various factors associated with the purchase. Let your dream villa not become a financial hurdle but a home where your dreams beautifully unfold. 

The best way to achieve your villa goals is to hand them over to a trusted villa project like 24 East Avenue. This 24-acre super-luxurious villa complex located near Action Area III, Newtown, is everything you would ever ask for! 
From capacious 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5 and 7 BHK villas, an intelligently designed layout, a spectrum of high-end amenities to feed your leisurely times, and of course an Impeccably thriving neighbourhood.

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