Should I buy a bungalow if it is too far away from City Center?

Duplex Bungalow Villa

Should I buy a bungalow if it is too far away from City Center?

For many investors, the idea of a dream home entails living in high-rise apartments in city centres, or houses within walking distance of vibrant urban life. However, there is something incredibly appealing about breaking away from this norm and considering a quieter, more serene alternative that most homebuyers and Investors tend to overlook – a charming bungalow nestled in the suburban landscape, far from the city centre. 

While the thought may appear daunting at first, rest assured, it shall be the best investment decision you would ever make! 

Top 4 Reasons You MUST Buy A Bungalow Located In The Outskirts 

Buying a bungalow in a desirable area like that of Newtown can be beneficial in multiple ways.

  • Space: A Luxurious Component of Bungalow Living

First off, the most noticeable advantage of living in a bungalow is the amount of space you can enjoy. Bungalows generally provide more spacious living conditions compared to conventional apartments in the city centre. You typically get more square footage, both inside and outside the house; a larger lawn, an opportunity for a lush garden, or even a space for a pet.

  • Affordability: More Bang for Your Buck

As you travel further from the bustling city centre, home prices often show a substantial decrease. This urban-to-suburban shift opens up opportunities for more affordable housing options, such as bungalows. These larger homes, which are more economically viable than properties in the heart of the city, allow buyers to enjoy added space and amenities, greatly enhancing living conditions. 

Essentially, your hard-earned money can go much further in securing a comfortable and spacious living environment when you choose to settle in locations distanced from the city centre.

  • A Chance To Escape the Hustle and Bustle

By choosing to reside further away from the city centre, you’re far removed from the hustle and bustle. Less traffic, less noise, less pollution – a more relaxed atmosphere and an overall better quality of life.

Living away from the city centre also provides an opportunity to disconnect from the speed of modern life and reconnect with nature. Having a duplex bungalow amidst picturesque landscapes offers a phenomenal way of achieving this balance.

Far away from the city centre, these properties offer privacy, allowing you to live life on your terms, away from public attention.

  • Commute Will Never Be A Problem 

If you buy a villa in Newtown, for example, you can enjoy the excellent connectivity that it offers with a  plethora of commute options that link it seamlessly with the rest of the city. 

It boasts of an efficient road network, including well-maintained highways and roads that ensure a smooth and fast commute. Public transit is readily accessible, with a robust network of buses and trains offering frequent services to all major parts of the city. Additionally, Newtown’s strategic location also provides easy access to the city’s major airports and railway stations. 

This infrastructure, combined with the increasing availability of ride-share services, makes Newtown an ideally connected suburb, offering the dual benefit of peaceful bungalow living without compromising on accessibility.

The Bottom Line 

Buying a bungalow far away from the city centre is not an extravagant idea. Instead, it is a life choice that brings with it room to breathe, tranquillity, privacy, and perhaps the perfect dwelling you’ve been longing to call home. If a place like this is your calling, look no further than 24 East Avenue, a premium villa project in Newtown.

It offers 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, and 7 BHK villas alongside wide-ranging modern amenities that will upgrade your lifestyle like never before.

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